Kindness Rock

There is a lot of hate going on in the world whether you see it or not. I have been asked to create a rock that shares kindness in my class. You choose a word and are to write a post about what it means to you. I chose the word, ‘bliss.’ The book definition of the word ‘bliss’ is perfect happiness or great joy. The reason why I chose this word is because I feel like people need to be happier. I want people to view the world in a better way and I feel that they first need to find happiness in their lives. I hope that in this new year others are able to find this rock, understand the meaning behind it, and pass it along to someone else who may need some uplifting.

“Bliss Kindness Rock” by ateensmindspoken is shared under a CC0 BY-SA 4.0 license.


Thanksgiving and Thankfulness

During this time of the year, it is a good idea to reflect on what you are thankful for and everything that you are fortunate to have in your life. I personally am thankful for my supportive family, my great friends, and simple things like food on the table and a roof over my house which is something that some people might not have. I hope everyone can find one thing that they are thankful for even if not everything is as perfect as they want it to be and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Brown Maple Leaves Focus” by Gratisography is shared under a CC0 1.0 license.

Snowy Days

Don’t you love those mornings where you wake up to school being on a delay or closed? Getting to go back to bed and curling up and watching Netflix later that day. I don’t look forward to the days when I’m older and I have to go to work and I don’t get the chance to have a free day in the middle of the week. It is especially helpful when you’re having a stressful week. Enjoy all the chances you get for snow days and stay safe.

Tree branch snow cold winter” by Pxhere is shared under a CC0 1.0 license.

Busy Life


Do you ever struggle with your homework, chores, and trying to possibly balance school and sports? Many high school students struggle with all of their schoolwork that is suddenly assigned as homework, but you don’t only just have one class that crams all the homework in. A lot of the time it is multiple classes that give a lot of work that is nearly impossible to get done if you work or play sports. Consider the students that have practice right after school then have work afterward. It is a struggle to find a time to eat for those students. I personally have spent over 6 hours just doing homework without a break and it left me without having any time to do anything that I needed to do in my personal life. School gets stressful with everything else that you are expected to do and I think that teachers, employers, and parents need to understand this.

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Ever Consider What is Going on in Others Lives?

Have you ever thought about what was going through the person next to you’s mind? Maybe they have a really hard test coming up or maybe they are struggling with their dogs passing recently. You never consider all of the options because there are far too many to think of.

Have you ever thought about how whatever is wrong is making them feel? Maybe they feel that they are all alone and need someone to talk to. Maybe they are fed up with people and just need space. Maybe they just need a hug. You’ll never know unless you ask them.

Just think about how others may be feeling. Maybe offer to listen or let someone with higher authority know so that they can step in or have someone who can do it. Just don’t sit there and do nothing. The person might be really thankful or angry, but at least you tried to do the right thing.

Help Someone Out” by Colin Knowles is shared under a CC BY-SA 2.0 license

High School Experiences and The Effects on You

So I’m sure that you have heard your parents or family friends or someone older tell you that high school is a “full experience”. Well, they are right and wrong at the same time. Anything is what you make of it, so for example, if you don’t do things in high school those memories will not be made and you will not have those experiences that may be vital for college or the workforce or even everyday life.

High school offers many experiences. Like learning to stick up for yourself and getting over petty drama, or in some cases staying up crying because you have a chemistry test tomorrow and a three-page paper due at midnight and you missed the deadline by seven minutes. It teaches you to work with other people and tolerate them even if they aren’t your favorite. You get to somewhat be your own person and finally try to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life and hopefully, you have good teachers that inspire you and help you along the way. There are so many things that high school teaches you that so many people skip over. Once you realize this, you will realize that teachers aren’t trying to make you have an emotional breakdown and people aren’t always going to be so petty and you will probably never see them again too. It will all be okay and just remember what has shapen you to be the person you are today.

High School” by Nick Youngson shared with a CC BY-SA 3.0 license.